SPI Long feature film

ShowcaseIn a long-feature film, a shot may well go through several dozens tasks from story board to compositing. SPI long-feature film helps producers define new tasks very easily and insert those tasks into worklows that can later be alloted to any shots.

In order to be completed, a shot from a long-feature film is going through many different tasks. The succession of those tasks and the dependencies of some tasks upon others may be defined on a per shot basis. This is sometimes called a workflow. A task may be granted to a studio, it requires input data, produces output data and visualization medias used by the producer to eventually approve the task for a given shot. SPI long-feature film helps producer define new tasks and new workflows on the fly. With SPI long-feature film, It is very easy to tell shots to follow a given workflow and to grant a task to a studio. Once this is done, all the medias necessary for the studio to complete the task will be automatically transfered.

Considering that a long-feature film often consists of well over a thousand shot, that a shot may go through several dozens of tasks, that any of those tasks may be granted to a studio and that the number of sub contracted studios may be up to 5 or even more on some configurations, this strongly advocates for a routing system that takes care of all media transfers for the producer. This is one of the primary advantage that SPI long feature film offers to producers and studios.

ShowcaseAnother main advantage of SPI long feature films is its ability to dialog back and forth with the editing station and to always keep information up to date with the latest edit. Each time the film is edited, the new sequence's EDLs produced along with the corresponding videos are reinjected into SPI. All studios working on a shot impacted by the new edit are informed of any timing modifications. Studios may then consult newly edited shot. This is the guaranty that SPI is always fed with the latest timing information available.

Many producers rely on SPI long-feature every day

Spi is a good tool for an effective follow-up for the producer but also for services companies. Spi is a link to all users. 3DClic remains open to our needs and make propositions to find a solution.- Marie-Pierre Journet (Line Producer - Moonscoop - Paris)

It was a great experience working with SPI on our long animation film, Pinocchio. From the lay-out start, we had decided to establish a real collaboration relative to the management of the film. SPI is a very efficient production managing system, flexible and easy to be used by all technicians, artists or production assistants. We adapted the tools to our goals and our workflow with daily exchanges, in order for us to control the making of the film as close as possible to the work in progress of each scene or sequence. From any place, we could work on our film This mutual trust permits to get a high level of work, in a relative short time, within a controlled price. And that was our goal ! I certainly will work again with SPI on another project .- Pierre Urbain (Line Producer - Iris Productions - Luxembourg)