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We help producers to follow their creation process from early designs to final editing.

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An innovative Software As a Service solution

SPI is a secured and personalized web based application that helps producers to oversee the production of their TV 2D and 3D animated series or long feature film. It is cross platform compatible (PCs and Macs) and it works with most modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari...). In order to fully cover the production pipeline SPI is proposed as 4 different services: SPI pre-production, SPI production, SPI post-production and SPI long feature film.

Nowadays, the making of animated series and long feature films is split across several continents. Still, producers need to review elements built by many studios from very early versions such as 2D/3D asset building to more advanced stage such as compositing and final editing. To that end, the shots of an episode are required to go through several checkpoints. SPI provides a visualization of shots at all different checkpoints and valuable information about the building process. It accommodates multiple animation studios and as many checkpoints as the producer wants. Because SPI is proposed as a service available all along the film construction, it specifically adapts to the producer's need for a specific serie or film. One of the primary advantage of SPI solutions is that it takes care of all data transfers between the producer and the authorized partners.

At the start of any production, given the different studios contributing to that production and the versions that the producer wants to approve, the SPI software components are installed in studios and the producer's offices. These installations guarantee that shots will be automatically examined, compressed and transferred as they are built by studios. Shot examination avoids unnecessary shots to be sent such as wrong resolution shots or shots with innacurate framerate. Also, a shot may not be transfered if the previous version of that shot has not been approved by the producer. These constraints are defined by the producer, they are fully configurable and they can be changed at any given time during production.


While the main interface window offers a simple mechanism to review shots, SPI back office provides the producer with valuable production data such as who has done what and when. Producer thus can follow precisely how many shots are submitted by the different studios on a daily basis, what is the current retake ratio for a specific version, how many shots are waiting for approval, etc... All this information can be output as production reports specifically formatted for the producer.

Benefits of using SPI solutions

SPI provides the following advantages to the producer:

- Adaptation to many different production shemes
- Better visibility of the fabrication process and better interaction with it
- Fast to install, very simple to use and to learn
- Enhanced productivity, comfort and precision of the version approval process
- Providing precise history of any shot in a quick and simple way
- Shorter delays between the fabrication of a shot and its review by the producer
- Better communication between production assistants and between producer and studios
- Elimination of technical problems related to media transfer from all different studios
- Higher reliability of the production reports between studios and producer
- Allowing better anticipation and providing arguments to ensure that appropriate human resources are provided by studios to meet the producer's deadlines (anticipation on the right number of lay-out men, animator and so on)
- Daily visibility of the work performed by studios (facilitates detection of studio shift of resources to concurrent programs)

SPI provides the following advantages to the studios:

- Ability to see the work on a shot into the whole episode or film
- Automatic checking, compression and transfer of all shots to the producer's office
- Better interaction and communication between different art department
- For non-english speaking studios, it provides the translator with a visual feedback of the comments to be translated
- Deeper implication of the studios as the producer sees and follows their work in near real time


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SPI Pre-production
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SPI Pre-production
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SPI Pre-production
Tutorial 4

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SPI Production
Tutorial 5

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SPI Production
Tutorial 6

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SPI Long feature film
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SPI Post-Production
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SPI Post-Production


  • Where can I consult SPI ?

  • How is SPI installed ?

  • Where is SPI installed ?

  • Where are the sources stored ?

  • Who is responsible for the sources ?

  • Who is responsible for the backups ?

  • What is the economic model ?

  • What is the installation phase ?

Where can I consult SPI ?

You may consult SPI from any PC or MAC providing you have an internet connexion and you are an authorized user. SPI is compatible with Firefox, Safari or Chrome. SPI requires Flash plugin as well as quicktime player to be installed on your computer.

How is SPI installed ?

3DCLIC does not hire a department or a team on your production. You are the captain on board ! After a short preparation phase to understand what the pipeline of the film will be and which studios will intervene on which tasks, 3dclic remotely installs all studios and gives you a secured and personalized access to quietly work and create. It takes less than 48 hours to fully install a studio, anytime during the production.

Where is SPI installed ?

At your place and the different studios you work with. SPI is installed on a standard computer and maintained remotely.

Where are the sources stored?

The sources are stored in the producer's office, in the studio(s) which require that source to complete their job and indeed in the studio which built that source. Each and every time a source is submitted by a studio, it is automatically transfered to your location. Sources are not stored on 3Dclic servers.

Who is responsible for the sources ?

The studios are responsible for the sources they built.

Who is responsible for the backups ?

3Dclic is responsible for the backup of the main database. The producer is responsible of the backup of the source elements which are stored in his offices.

What is the economic model ?

The economic model is a Software as a Service model. It is comprised of 2 cost?
An upfront cost, which covers the installation phase,
A recurring monthly cost which covers server maintenance and hotline all along the production time span.

What is the installation phase ?

The installation phase consists in customizing the SPI application in order to exactly fit to the producer's pipeline, remotely installing the SPI components in all studios and training the producer's team and the studios to the use of SPI.

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It all started in year 2000 when Herve Tardif decided to open a new real-time animation studio in Paris. At that time, it was the unique active optical technology studio in Europe.

The first project was the creation of innovative content for the TV pay channel Canal+ website, using their 3D virtual show host "Cleo".

In 2004, 3DCLIC gets involved in a preschool animated serie called The Cotoons, in coproduction with France5 and Radio Canada.

In 2007, based on its experience as an animation studio, its strong know how of the production processes and an increasing demand from the animation producer community, 3dclic decided to focus solely on the development of producer asset management solutions.

With over 10 years experience in the field of animation and an extensive know-how about production practices, 3DCLIC is now pleased to offer an ever expanding Software As a Service solution to producers and studios.


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